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Commercial Laundry Services with Delivery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Get the most out of your commercial laundry services with Oak Street Laundry in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We offer solutions to all your company’s needs, including specialized linen sales and fulfillment.


Making Laundry Services Affordable For 25 Years!

Residential Wash-Dry-Fold & Dry Cleaning

When it comes to residential laundry, no other company provides the kind of high-quality services we do. From expert wash-dry-fold service to wedding dress preservation, we do it all affordably and with outstanding skill.

High-Quality Commercial Laundry Services

Let us fulfill all your commercial laundry services with cost-effective prices and top-notch quality. The chemicals we utilize surpass all others in quality. 


Our customer service is top notch and gurantee it will suprass your exectations.


Choose affordable and professional commercial and residential laundry services from Oak Street Laundry in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

For outstanding deals on residential and commercial laundry services in Scottsdale, Az - CLICK HERE!

When you’re ready for a break from your washroom chores, bring in your laundry and we’ll expertly wash, dry, and fold them for you just the way you like it.


We offer same-day service, so just drop off your laundry on your way to work in the morning, and pick it up in the evening. Talk about convenience.


We can remove any type of stain. We pick up and deliver linens and garments. Our services are all OSHA compliant.


We are very responsive and if you have a concern or specific request for detergents we are very accommodating. Our prices are very competitive. 

We focus on the health care industry, so if your laundry is stained with blood or other fluids, we apply a full range of sanitary programs to ensure the safety and sterility of your items.


Also take advantage of our programs specifically for hospitality businesses. We offer laundry and pressing services for hotels and motels, resorts, catering companies, bars, and restaurants, including tablecloths, napkins and other linens.

Established 25 years ago, we’ve leveraged our success into a full service laundry business serving Scottsdale and the entire Valley area.   We can provide references from a long list of very satisfied customers who have done business with us for years and years. 


Our customer service is legendary, and is the primary reason for our growth and success. If you call us with an issue today, you can rest assured we'll have someone out to the commercial site today to handle it.


Our residential customers know we do what it takes to back up our service claims, regardless of whether it costs us money.


We offer quality service backed by excellent customer service-- just ask the customers who have been using our services since the day we opened the doors.

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