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Available from 7am-3pm.  Mon - Fri

Residential Laundry & Wash-Dry-Fold Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

Free yourself from washday drudgery with exceptional and affordable residential laundry services from Oak Street Laundry in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our wash-dry-fold services bring your family a smile.  

Residential Wash & Dry Service

When you’re ready for a break from your washroom chores, bring in your laundry and we’ll expertly wash, dry, and fold them for you just the way you like it. We offer same-day service.

Making Laundry Services Affordable

You’ll be surprised to find out how economical it to have your laundry done. We price our wash dry and fold services by the pound, so how much you spend and what items you prioritize are all up to you and your budget.

Large Items Are a Breeze

Especially when it comes to comforters, tablecloths, and larger items like that, our high-capacity machines take care of things in no time, allowing you to hand off one of your home’s most daunting chores. No more pressing sheets, as we have a press machine that takes care of all that for you. 

Stress-Free Specialty Laundry

You never have to worry about how your delicate items will be handled, because we have approximately 20 different cycles to run your clothes through, depending on the item. Compare that to the number of cycles you have on your home machine and you’ll see how we are able to offer such outstanding quality. Plus, we only use products that are allergen- and scent-free for all our wash and dry services.

We Do Dry Cleaning, Too

Trust our experienced and professional technicians to handle all your super-delicate dry clean-only items.  We have affordable and specialized dry cleaning services for you.

Contact Oak Street Laundry in Scottsdale, Arizona, to receive residential laundry services that make a difference.


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